Beetroot Tea

Due to a rich set of vitamins, Beet tea is an excellent at fighting vitamin deficiencies in the spring
Beetroot is a valuable source of iron (beet drinks contribute to the formation of red blood cells and improves blood composition)


Beetroot tea with a green tea taste

Green tea is a wonderful and effective assistant in the fight against toxins that constantly attack our body, it has an effective effect on the manifestation of cellulite
Positive impact on the restoration of a hormonal background...


Beetroot tea with thyme taste

Thyme is rich in minerals and vitamins necessary to maintain optimal health
Beet leaves are one of the richest sources of potassium, iron, calcium, manganese, magnesium and selenium...


Beetroot tea with cinnamon taste

Spicy spice is toxic to malignant cancers (cinnamon is able to reduce the growth of cancer cells and causes their death)
Beneficial effect on the bowel movements eliminates discomfort in the stomach, useful for flatulence...


Beetroot tea with ginger flavor

Ginger will help in the treatment of allergies and skin diseases
Ability to have a sedative effect on the human nervous system and increase its immunity...


Beetroot tea with mint flavor

The plant has antispasmodic and carminative properties
Helps with cough, heartburn, diarrhea and headaches...



"Tea is not an easy drink. When tea becomes a ritual, it develops the ability to see the great in the details" (Muriel barbery)
To maintain the health and uplift the mood of our company, Pam recommends the beet Root tea. It consists of ingredients dried naturally. They are full of all useful properties. Beet tea is unique in that it not only has a positive effect on human health, but also looks beautiful in the kettle, thereby emphasizing the interior of the house or restaurant...