Beetroot tea with a green tea taste


Medical properties

- Promotes fat burning

- Lowers cholesterol

- Anti-osteoarthritis

- Reduces the risk of cancer

- Improves teeth health

- Reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease

- Eliminates cardiovascular diseases

In addition!

- Green tea is a wonderful and effective assistant in the fight against toxins that constantly attack our body, it has an effective effect on the manifestation of cellulite;

- It helps to remove excess moisture from the body, removing water, it kills fat cells that burst from lack of moisture, thereby improving the metabolism;

- Positive impact on the restoration of a hormonal background;

- Normalizes the nervous system, helps with stress and depression;

- Improves sleep

Who invented tea?

It turns out that the first Cup of tea was drunk by accident. According to Chinese mythology, in 2737 BC the Chinese Emperor Shen-nun sat under a tree while his servant served him hot water. Several leaves from the tree fell into the water, and the Emperor decided to try the drink. After drinking water, he was surprised by its unusual aroma and taste and wished to continue to use only such a drink.