Beetroot tea with cinnamon taste


Medical property

- Regulates blood sugar levels

- Promotes weight loss

- Lowers cholesterol

- Improves the immune system

- Improves digestion

- Enhances brain function

- Reduces inflammation

In addition!

- Spicy spice is toxic to malignant cancers (cinnamon is able to reduce the growth of cancer cells and causes their death)

- Beneficial effect on the bowel movements eliminates discomfort in the stomach, useful for flatulence;

- Cinnamon will help relieve premenstrual syndrome and eliminate pain;

- It is rich in minerals that make up for the deficit of manganese, chromium and calcium.


That's interesting!

The beneficial properties of cinnamon have been known for a long time. In ancient Chinese medical works, it often appears as a universal remedy for getting rid of various ailments. Cinnamon is also mentioned in the ancient Indian treatise on health "Ayurveda" and even in the Old Testament.