Beetroot tea with ginger flavor


Medical properties

- Promotes weight loss

- Has analgesic effect

- Anti-osteoarthritis

- Reduces the risk of cancer

- Protects against infections

- Removes bloating

- Reduces menstrual pain


 In addition!

- Ginger will help in the treatment of allergies and skin diseases

 - Ability to have a sedative effect on the human nervous system and increase its immunity

 - Ability to regulate the digestive system;

 - Helps with headaches, back pain and can even cure chronic arthritis

 - Ginger can be described as antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, carminative and healing agent


Another interesting fact!

In Ancient China served a special tea brewed with ginger root. It is accepted as a means of warming against the cold. American Indians used ginger against nausea, and in Europe with its help effectively fought against plague. Many women used ginger as a rejuvenating elixir.